Even Trump’s Inauguration Cake Was Plagiarized – From Obama’s 2013 Cake (TWEET/VIDEO)

First Melania Trump “borrowed” language from former First Lady Michelle Obama. Now there’s a sweeter steal by her husband. The cake made for President Donald Trump’s inauguration bears a striking similarity to one made for his predecessor, President Barack Obama.

The resemblance was brought to social media by Duff Goldman, the Charm City Cakes baker who made Obama’s cake in 2013.

Take a look:

They look quite alike, don’t they?

According the bakery that made the cake, that is no coincidence. A representative from Buttercream Bakeshop admitted that they were asked to copy the cake:

“While we most love creating original designs, when we are asked to replicate someone else’s work we are thrilled when it is a masterpiece like this one.”

Copying someone else’s work seems to be a theme for this administration. First, there was the controversy with Melania’s Republican National Convention speech. Then, former Fox News analyst Monica Crowley had to decline a National Security Council spot after reports that she had plagiarized sections of her 2012 book and her Ph.D. dissertation. And on Friday, many people recognized a strong semblance between Trump’s inauguration speech and one by Batman character Bane. Seriously. A comic book villain.

The Daily Mail submitted an inquiry to the White House about the cake confusion, but heard nothing back. It is is quite surprising. After all, it seems to be a trademark of the Trump administration to focus on unnecessary issues and berate anyone who criticizes him.

Case in point, that useless tirade by Sean Spicer yesterday. Whether it is the size of a crowd or the creation of a cake, Trump’s team never misses an opportunity to hem and haw over useless “controversies.”

Photos don’t lie. Although if you ask Kellyanne Conway, you can just create “alternative facts” that fit your narrative.

Not the sweetest start to 2017, although I’m sure the cake made by Buttercream Bakeshop was delicious.


Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video