Christian Church Across The Street From The White House Opposes Trump’s Muslim Ban (VIDEO)

Right across the street from the White House, St. John’s Church broke its tradition of avoiding political topics and decided to denounce President Trump’s executive action to ban people from seven Muslim-majority countries. The executive order rocked immigrants and visa holders across the nation, causing gridlock at many airports as they tried to comprehend the limits of the executive order.

Reverend Luis Leon, a clergyman from St. John’s Church, told 20 people in his early Sunday service that he was a Cuban refugee who came to the United States as a child, and that the executive order penned by President Trump was “very personal” to him.

Ban Opposes Christian Belief

While in front of churchgoers, Reverend Luis Leon said that he couldn’t tolerate the idea of the country evolving into one that rejects people who are fighting for their lives, lamenting that doing so is something “unbelievable and unbearable.” Citing his Christian beliefs, the clergymen is actively opposing the ban.

About 70 percent of Americans consider themselves Christian, with many Christian leaders criticizing Trump’s border wall, the restriction of incoming Syrian refugees, and the refusal to honor the rights of those holding valid visas who are now stranded.

Right across the street from Reverend Luis Leon’s church, Senior Pastor Ginger Gaines-Cirelli also bemoaned border walls, saying that it was not the work of Jesus. Just a couple miles away, the Vermont Avenue Baptist Church also denounced Trump’s action, calling for people to see “how God wants us to react in times like these.”

The Muslim Ban Is an Assault On Religious Liberty

There have been protests in airports across the United States, with many that are still ongoing. Thousands of people protested in New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport, with the latest protests happening in Seattle, with some yelling “Trump out, Refugees in!”

What do you think of Christians opposing this proposed Muslim banned by Trump and his administration?

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