Michael Moore: Our Modern Day Nostradamus Has Another Warning For Us (VIDEO)

Filmmaker and Director Michael Moore warned us that we were headed for a President Donald Trump. We did not/could not agree with him. We had too much faith in our country and our democracy. We were wrong. Now our modern day Nostradamus is warning us again. We need to pay attention.

Recently, Moore took to Twitter to tell his fellow liberals and anyone else that would listen that we are headed for a slow-moving coup. He asked us to wake up with a message on Twitter:

“If you’re still trying to convince yourself that a 21st century coup is not underway, please, please snap out of it.”

Definition of  a coup:

“A sudden decisive exercise of force in politics; especially :  the violent overthrow or alteration of an existing government by a small group.

Donald Trump As Adolf Hitler
Donald Trump As Adolf Hitler Credit: Occupy Democrats Via Facebook.com

One of the most well known coups in history is the German Nazi Coup. Nazis installed totalitarian dictatorship with a series of measures in quick succession.

  1. Create or capitalize on an event that causes national fear or anger:
    • Reichstag building fire (Germany)
    • 9/11, Boston Marathon bombing, San Bernardino shooting, Pulse Nightclub shooting (America)
      • These events will cause the unnerved public to worry about their safety and freedom
  2. Immediate implementation of orders that are declared as necessities to keep the public safe:
    • Reichstag Fire Decree (Germany)
    • Multiple Executive Orders (America)
      • These orders rescinded Habeas Corpus and other civil liberties
  3. Government assumes unprecedented executive and legislative powers:
    • Passed The Enabling Act (Germany)
    • TO BE ANNOUNCED (America)
      • These laws authorize the government to deviate from the Constitution “temporarily” (sound familiar?)

It should be noted that this coup is different from others because Adolf Hitler staged a coup against his own government. He accomplished his goal in LESS THAN ONE MONTH. We are on step 3. Now that the Trump regime has control over SCOTUS, how long before we are officially a dictatorship? Maybe we should ask Michael Moore.

Watch Michael Moore discussing Donald Trump below:

Featured Image: Screenshot Via CNN Video.

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