Whiny Trump Gets Trolled Hard For Criticism Of Federal Judge Who Struck Down Muslim Ban (TWEETS)

Rather than accept the fact that he had lost in federal court on the issue of his controversial Muslim ban, Donald Trump decided, as he always does, to take to Twitter and whine, moan, and attack a federal judge.

Saturday morning, this post showed up on Trump’s Twitter page:

How Trump didn’t know better than to use the term “so-called” is beyond most of us. He left himself open to all kinds of ridicule in light of the fact that he’s a so-called head of state who lost the popular vote by 3 million votes and may have won illegitimately with the help of his new BFF, Vladimir Putin.

As is usually the case with social media karma, justice was meted out to the Orange Menace swiftly and with plenty of righteous anger:

Featured Image Via YouTube