WATCH: SNL Has Spoofed Presidents For Decades – Butthurt Trump Can’t Take A Joke

Saturday Night Live has been making us laugh for over 40 years. One of the best parts of the show has always been their great presidential spoofs. Every former president laughed at them, and with us. Every president except Donald Trump, who berates the actors each week.

Here are some of the best ones from over the years:

1. 1975 – Chevy Chase’s President Gerald Ford

The first president to be made fun of on Saturday Night Live was Gerald Ford. Chevy Chase, playing Ford, discusses political pressure from Ronald Reagan. He fumbles with the phones and his water glasses before falling on the floor.

2. 1978 – Dan Aykroyd’s President Nixon

Dan Aykroyd really nails President Richard Nixon in this classic sketch. He really gets the mannerism and the speaking patterns of the late president while plugging his new book.

3. 1986 – Phil Hartman’s Ronald Reagan

This great sketch shows Reagan as the charming guy who doesn’t know what’s going on. However, when no one is in the room, his advisors come out and we see a Reagan who is a mastermind and knows everything that is going on.

4. 1990 – Dana Carvey’s President George H.W. Bush

Dana Carvey brilliantly parodies former President George H.W. Bush’s announcement about tax hikes.

5. 1992 – Phil Hartman’s President Bill Clinton

The late Phil Hartman made fun of Bill Clinton in this classic sketch. He plays Clinton who runs into a McDonald’s while out on a jog. He starts taking questions from people in the restaurant while stealing their food.

6. 2000 – Will Ferrell’s George W. Bush Presidential Debate

Here we have Will Ferrell playing former President George W. Bush and Darrell Hammond as Al Gore. Gore keeps talking about his “lock box” during all of the questions.

7. 2006 – Al Gore’s Parallel Universe

Here is Al Gore himself talking about what society might have been like if he had won the election.

8. 2014 – Jay Pharoah’s President Obama

Here is Jay Pharoah’s impression of President Obama rolling out with his social media marketing specialist.

9. 2017 – Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump

Alec Baldwin has done an amazing job making fun of and pissing off President Donald Trump. I hope he will keep doing it. The best sketch of him was the reaction to P***ygate.

10. BONUS!

This isn’t a presidential spoof, but Melissa McCarthy did an amazing job of poking fun at the White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer.

These are just some of the epic political sketches in the show’s history. Make sure to check out the rest of the SNL collection from NBC and on the SNL YouTube Channel.

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