Idiocracy Is Real – Supporters Believe Fake Massacre, Say It Justifies Travel Ban (VIDEO)

A recent poll by Public Policy Polling found that over half of the Americans who support President Donald Trump’s travel ban believe that the executive order is justified due to the “Bowling Green massacre.”

Lies With Consequences

In case you need a refresher (you probably don’t) the “Bowling Green massacre” is an event that never happened. Correction, it actually did happen, but only in the empty space between Kellyanne Conway’s ears. Conway, a senior White House counselor, referred to the “massacre” during several media appearances. She used this fake event to justify banning travelers from seven majority-Muslim countries from entering the U.S.

The poll found that of the people who support this ban, 51 percent think that the “Bowling Green massacre” is evidence as to why the ban is necessary. Only about 23 percent of those supporting the ban said that this fictitious event could not be used as justification for the order.

This means that the majority of travel ban supporters believe this massacre actually happened. Even worse, they consider it to be strong evidence of this ban’s necessity.

The Battle For Rationality

Luckily, the poll also found that more Americans are opposed to this order than support it – 49 percent to 45 percent respectively. Furthermore, about 66 percent of Americans found the order to be poorly executed.

To which we can all exclaim a resounding “duh!”

Still, these numbers show that there is almost no limit to what people will believe. What is truly terrifying is that these same people can let lies and “fake news” influence their position on important policies such as this travel ban. In addition, to a significant portion of the population, Conway’s words actually carry weight.  These days, it feels like every rational person with a brain is fighting an uphill battle against an army of easily-influenced morons. As a result, we can really only hope that they give up before we do.

Watch the video below to see Conway reference this fictitious event on “Hardball with Chris Matthews.”

Featured image credit: screengrab via CNN Twitter.

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