Trump’s ‘Above-The-Law’ Attitude Is Leading To Unity – Against Him (VIDEO)

The Trump Administration will do anything to divide the American people and justify its lies and corruption. The law is being violated daily with seemingly few repercussions. Liberals saw this coming well before the election and tried to warn voters. Now the violations are clear and it is time to take action.

The recent report that Russia did in fact interfere in our election is reason enough to act.

According to Mother Jones:

US investigators have confirmed parts of the 35-page batch of memos compiled by a former British spy, CNN reported Friday afternoon. The memos, first written about by Mother Jones in October 2016, contained allegations of collusion between officials working for Donald Trump during the presidential campaign and Russian government operatives, and allegations that the Russian government was working to harm the candidacy of Hillary Clinton and boost Trump.”

Trump continues to spread the lie that voter fraud caused him to lose the popular vote. His team makes it abundantly clear that they believe that he does not need to explain these claims.

According to Politico:

His persistent and unfounded fraud claim is a sign that Trump, who lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes, continues to see himself as a victim of widespread voter fraud. 

Just days after taking office last month, Trump tweeted a claim that as many as 3 million to 5 million people voted illegally in the November election, enough to account for his popular vote deficit. He has not followed through on his vow to oversee a federal voter-fraud investigation … Pressed about Trump’s unfounded claims during a White House briefing after Trump’s inauguration, press secretary Sean Spicer defended the president’s right to make such claims without explaining why he does so.

If the Trump Administration insists on investigating the election results, then the Russian involvement needs equal attention. When it is finally clear that Trump is illegitimate, then a new election is the only logical remedy.

There is plenty of room to investigate the way Trump’s people misdeeds. From Kellyanne Conway’s endorsement of Ivanka Trump’s clothing line, to the Michael Flynn/Russia connection, to the inappropriate and incoherent tweets from Trump.

Every day is a display of mounting evidence that the Trump team has no idea what they are doing. As the resistance builds against the tyrant in the White House, it is becoming increasingly possible that Trump will become the “Typhoid Mary of the business world.”

As Liberal America points out:

The point of a business is to increase profits, often at the expense of the workforce, no matter what. The federal government, however, is not a for-profit venture.”

The Trump Administration continues to violate laws and the Constitution without any regard for consequences. The “untouchable” attitude in Washington has a silver lining. The majority of Americans are no longer going to remain quiet. The ongoing protests are giving liberals a voice and allowing a sense of unity in a country that is clearly under attack by a fascist narcissist. The more the right tries to divide and conquer, the stronger the resistance grows. We are paying attention. We are keeping track. We will see you in next year at the polls.

Watch Bill Maher describe this week’s Trump failures below:

Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube.


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