Welcome To Life In Donald Trump’s Vision Of A Greater America (VIDEO)

Twin brothers were brutally attacked in New York over the weekend by Neo-Nazi skinheads. The brothers were exiting a bar when one of the scumbags standing outside noticed an anti-fascist sticker on the cell phone case of one of the brothers.

As New York Post reports:

“The brothers were pummeled by about six or seven men — some who were using brass knuckles — and dressed in matching vests with ‘211 Crew’ patches, a white supremacy gang, police said. The brothers tried to run away from their attackers but were chased down Essex Street and then Hester Street before the group caught up to them and continued the beating, cops said.”

One man was apprehended and charged. The brothers were both treated and released from the hospital. One of the men needed staples to close a head wound. They said that they were shocked that something like this could happen. They have never encountered a problem like this before.

(Image courtesy Joe Brusky, available under a Creative Commons BY-NC license)
Image By Joe Brusky Via Flickr/CC-By-NC-2.0.

Unfortunately, this is not the first incident of violence. Occurrences have been on the rise since Donald Trump took office. One week after the election, TIME reported:

“In the days since the presidential election, states across the country have seen increased incidents of racist or anti-Semitic vandalism and violence, many of which have drawn directly on the rhetoric and proposals of President-elect Donald Trump.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has counted more than 200 complaints of hate crimes since Election Day, according to USA Today.”

It has gotten increasingly worse over the last couple of months. Although it is true that racially motivated violence has been on the incline since before Trump ran for office, Vox said it best:

“Then Donald Trump got elected. Trump’s rhetoric and campaign promises enticed voters fueled by racial resentment: He characterized Mexican immigrants as criminals and ‘rapists.’ He called for banning Muslims — an entire religious group — from the US. He said a US judge should recuse himself from a Trump University case due to his Mexican heritage. He referred to black and Latino people’s lives as hell, calling for police to adopt ‘stop and frisk’ — a practice deemed unconstitutional in New York City because it was used in racist ways — to help protect ‘inner cities.’ And much of the support for Trump seemed to be motivated by racism — with multiple studies finding racism predicted support for the billionaire.

After the election, there were reports of hundreds of hate crimes. Many of the acts against minorities were explicitly linked to Trump, from physical attacks to instances of racist graffiti to children chanting, ‘Build the wall,’ at minority students in school. There were also some reports, albeit much more rarely, of hateful acts against white people, including one incident in which a group of people beat a 49-year-old man while shouting that he voted for Trump.”

It is obvious that Agent Orange and his minions are wreaking havoc on a beautifully diverse America that was fought and died for. Now is more important than ever to #resist and #unite against the tyrant in the White House.

Watch this report for more information about the hundreds of hate crimes that have happened since the election:

Featured Image By Robert Harvey, Episcopal Church of Our Savior Via WJLA.

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