For A Man With ‘Nothing To Hide’ Trump Sure Does Go To Great Lengths To Hide A Lot (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump is a complete fraud. We all know it. The evidence is clear and mounting. We’ve covered the scams that Trump has run on people over the years and his many failed business ventures. We’ve reported on the false claim that the Trump name stands for quality. We have informed our readers on the lies Trump tells about his fraudulent university and his meat.

The interesting thing is that Trump owns more than just failing businesses. He has also invested in websites. As Gizmodo reports:

“Over the years, the Trump Organization has invested in thousands of domain names for potential business ventures, future campaigns, and often, simply as an attempt to stay one step ahead of the haters., and are part of the president’s vast portfolio.”

Some more domain names of which Trump is the proud owner include, according to Gizmodo:

Maybe we already reported the reason what Trump is trying desperately to hide when we stated:

“So the meat, the pyramid of water, the bottles of wine, and that one magazine that Trump brought onstage to prove that he’s a great businessman, were basically all big hoaxes. According to ‘The Daily Show’s finds, it only proved his relationship with truth to be a little… different…from ours.”

One may think that Trump simply does not want any bad publicity about him spread online. But he cannot be dumb enough to think that buying up a few thousand domain names will stop all negativity against him or his brand. Maybe these particular names hit a specific chord on his porcelain ego. Maybe he feared that these particular websites could be especially damaging to his goal of profiting off of the highest position in the country.

Watch Trevor Noah break down the Trump family profiting on “The Daily Show“:

Featured Image By Rob Walsh Via Flickr/CC-0-1.0.

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