Trump’s First Congressional Address Proves That A Polished Turd Is Still A Turd (VIDEO)

Democrats prepared for the joint congressional address by inviting dreamers and carefully coordinating their attire. Even before President Donald Trump took the stage, Democrats in congress had a game-plan in place to send a strong message.

The Hill reported:

“It’s a shift in tactics for Democrats, some of whom skipped Trump’s inauguration last month in protest. Democrats say there are no plans to stage a similar boycott of Trump’s speech, but they want to put him face-to-face with people who feel alienated and targeted by his controversial executive orders.” 

Some reports came out that were praising the speech as coherent or even an attempt at unity. The problem with this analysis is that it is completely false. We did not witness the words of President Donald Trump throughout this speech. We saw a seemingly over-medicated puppet read from a script written by a Trump crony. It was the same bragging and fear-inducing rhetoric we have heard regurgitated by this administration for over a month.


There was speculation earlier today that Don the Con may be willing to focus on the criminal element of undocumented immigrants. This speech proved to us that he is not capable of working with others. He’s still saying he’s going to build a “great, great wall.” The most deplorable issue on immigration is the Victims Of Immigration Crimes Engagement (VOICE) office through the Department of Homeland Security. This was met with boos from the Democrats in the crowd. Can you begin to imagine the outrage from the right if President Obama created an office focused primarily on the white terrorists plaguing our country…and he called it Victims Of White Christian Crimes Against Minorities?


Another issue that drew boos is Obamacare. Trump sang the same old tune. “We will repeal and replace” America’s healthcare system. He stated that he will defeat the rising prices of medication. He still has no clue how he will accomplish this since he wasn’t aware of how complicated it is.

Drain The Swamp

Trump actually said, with a straight face, that he has drained the swamp in Washington. Democrats laughed in his face. He spoke of his hiring freeze for non-essential federal personnel. I guess this means that Kellyanne Conway can go away now. Trump also stated that his cabinet picks have been placed in their positions to deregulate every government agency. I guess we don’t need regulations. I’m sure people will responsibly govern themselves and hold themselves accountable.


Watching these privileged white men cheer the fact that they pushed the pipelines through Native American land is stomach turning. Trump bragged that the pipes will be made with American Steel. Honestly, if he cared anything about America he would have a little more compassion for the people who welcomed undocumented immigrants years ago. He would care about our creeks and rivers and protect them. Donald Trump does not give a damn about America. Donald Trump cares about Donald Trump.


Trump demanded our undying devotion for law enforcement. He is absolutely right…for good officers. Ignoring that there is an epidemic of officers profiling young black and brown people does nothing but validate the actions of those corrupt officers. To add insult to injury, the only time Trump brings up the black community is when he associates it with crime, poverty, and unemployment. It is insulting and reminds us exactly what he thinks of when he thinks of black communities.

Do not be fooled by the softer tone of this speech. Trump is the same spineless slug that he has always been. Rest assured, he just got really high and read a prompter like the good little boy that Putin says he is. If you pay attention a little closer, you can actually see traces of the REAL Trump throughout his speech. For instance, he took a little jab at the media while saying that victims of immigrants didn’t get proper acknowledgement, and he wanted it noted that his guest, the widow, set the record for applause. The real slime shady was in there somewhere and you can bet he will be back to his deplorable tweets before you know it.

Watch Stephen Colbert’s take on Trump’s speech below:

Featured Image: Screen Shot Via You Tube.


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