Trump’s Promise To Use American Steel Comes With A Catch (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump loves to hear himself talk. He also loves to hear the cheers after certain tag lines. Trump knows that certain statements will draw applause from a crowd, and he seems to crave that acceptance. It’s no surprise that his favorite lie is that we will buy American.

Unfortunately, Trump’s gullible devotees were lied to again. There is a loophole in Trump’s promise to use American steel on the highly controversial pipelines. According to USA Today:

“White House spokesman Sarah Huckabee Sanders pointed to language in the presidential directive as to why the proposed cross-border pipeline is not subject to Trump’s U.S.-made steel promise.

‘The way that executive order is written,’ Sanders said. ‘It’s specific to new pipelines or those that are being repaired. Since this one is already currently under construction, the steel is already literally sitting there; it would be hard to go back.'”

To recap, the idiot in the Oval Office signed an executive order mandating that American steel be used in the construction of the pipelines. A loophole was put in place in said executive order so that the pipeline could use the steel from Russia. Trump not only reneges on his promise to use American steel, but also on his claim that the pipeline would not be constructed without using American steel.

If you are wondering which countries will benefit from the pipeline, I bet you could probably guess if you think about it long enough. That’s right. A Russian manufacturing extraordinaire with close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin will be providing the steel pipelines. Huffington Post stated:

“Friday’s announcement of the reversal on Mr. Trump’s initial pledge to mandate U.S. steel is an example of how a  presidential directive can produce an immediate benefit to a Russian billionaire with direct links to Mr. Putin, even if sanctions imposed in 2014 following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine aren’t lifted.”

Consequently, this was no mistake. Trump and his Trumpford wives are well aware that his voters will not research enough to find out the truth behind his “America first” brand. First of all, most of his supporters see that he signed an executive order and that is the extent of their knowledge. So, they go around bragging about how their orange savior has kept his campaign promises. The Trump clan have also found a way to keep their loyal peasants from learning the truth. The whole “fake news” campaign just reinforces their ability to lie freely to their subjects. Unchecked power at its peak. #resist

Watch as even conservatives confront Trump’s lie:

Featured Image by: køpper Via Flickr/CC-0-1.0

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