Trump Eyes Cuts To Agencies That Protect National Security To Pay For His Stupid Wall (VIDEO)

The lies and broken promises of President Donald Trump continue to mount. His supporters seem to think that he is doing everything he said he would, but they tend to block out the details. The most asinine of those campaign promises was the border wall. Trump would mention the wall during his hate rallies and the minions would scream with delight. And then came the lie that Mexico will pay for his wall. Trump is quickly learning that bullying Mexico will not get him anywhere.

After Trump took office and found out that Mexico is not going to tolerate his bullshit he needed a plan B. And where do Republican politicians look when they want to spend money on the oppression of a minority group? They start looking to cut funding to vital programs that protect American lives. The latest possible funding cuts will hurt multiple areas of national security. Oh, the irony. Only this administration would cut funding for security in one area in order to build a useless wall that is meant to increase national security.

According to the Washington Post:

“The cuts are proposed even as the planned budget for the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees all of them, grows 6.4 percent to $43.8 billion, according to the plan, which was obtained by The Washington Post. Some $2.9 billion of that would go to building the wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, with $1.9 billion funding “immigration detention beds” and other Immigration and Customs Enforcement expenses and $285 million set aside to hire 500 more Border Patrol agents and 1,000 more ICE agents and support staffers.”

The cuts will affect multiple areas of our government and pose a huge security risk. Among those areas cut would be the Coast Guard, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Cuts to these programs in order to beef up law officers that keep out the scary brown people is incredibly dangerous and is facing opposition from all sides.

This is just another example of the total disregard this administration has for the American people. They will put us all at risk in order to keep out Mexicans and Muslims. The Republican vision of a “Greater America” remains a white, Christian, male oligarchy.

Watch the video below for a giggle:

Featured Image by: US Coast Guard Academy Via Flickr/CC-0-1.0

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