Trump Hides From Cameras – Did His Staff Finally Tape His Mouth Shut? (TWEET/VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s presidency has been full of scandal. From his questionable appointees to offices all the way down to his daily tweets, our current president’s administration is looking, day after day, like a Barnum and Bailey’s circus performance.

Minus the organization.

And yet, amidst the confusion and legitimate scandal, Trump has felt the need to accuse our former president-turned-rock-star, Barack Obama, of wiretapping.

Because, apparently, his administration doesn’t have enough scandal already.

Between citing fake terror attacks in official statements, claiming economic prosperity that is not his to claim, and total silence on the newest WikiLeaks CIA information dump, one would assume that the head of a spiraling country would be open for questions to give those living within the country some peace.

But… No.

President Trump is now hiding from the cameras. He’s shutting out the media from his daily press briefings, canceling open press events, and even going so far as to no longer televise the signings of altered executive orders. In fact, the only proof we have that President Trump even signed the altered “Muslim ban” bill is because of this one picture posted by Sean Spicer on his Twitter account:

This “media silence” comes after months and months of controversial statements during his campaign, false claims about our former president, and even the phrases made about military families that are still haunting him throughout his presidency.

And yet, the White House press secretary statement simply reasons the abrupt silence with this:

“I determined the rooms were too full to accommodate press and equipment.” 

That quote is in reference to the newest cancellation of media attendance to an Oval Office meeting, entitled a “pool spray,” that was set to be held between himself and AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka.

Apparently, there wasn’t enough room for a simple photo-op.

Nevertheless, we are all well aware of the definition of “full” that Trump’s administration abides by.

Photo courtesy of National Park Service EarthCam

If there had ever been a time for media silence on Trump’s part, I believe it should have started here:


Featured image courtesy of YouTube video.