MSNBC Host: Trump Is ‘Pure Evil’ And ‘This Country Cannot Survive With A Failure At The Top’ (VIDEO)

With the 100th day of the Trump administration now just 72 hours away, many of us are taking a long look at the damage which has already been done by this deeply unhinged man who offers little more than empty promises, continual lies, and the threat of destroying the very foundations of this great republic.

Such was the subject of “Trump Watch,” a nightly segment on the MSNBC show Hardball. Chris Matthews began his commentary with this spot-on reminder of how Trump first appeared on the political scene during the Obama years:

“Birtherism is Donald Trump’s original sin. This is pure evil in itself.”

Matthews said Trump has to answer for pushing the birther lie for five years, and then added:

“I want a sincere policy. I want him to genuflect to the fact he lied and did so deliberately.”

The MSNBC host also said he would like to see Trump turn around his failing administration, if only for the sake of the country, which desperately needs a leader:

“This country cannot afford to live through these critical, scary years with a failure at the top.”

But rather than actually do something positive or constructive, what did Trump do on Wednesday morning? He went on Twitter to spread some more of his lies:

The Ninth Circuit ruled against the travel ban, but was not the court which issued the ruling on sanctuary cities. That was done by a district court judge. Can this idiot who serves as head of state manage to get anything right when it comes to factual information?

But he wasn’t quite done attacking the judicial system of this country:

Messy system? No doubt Trump would much prefer a dictatorship with no Constitution where he could rule by edict like some sort of American Caesar. This is the system the Founding Fathers gave us, and it has worked great for nearly 230 years. For this petulant man-child to not respect that and for him to try and undercut the greatest system of government ever devised is a slap at every person in the United States.

Trump is indeed pure evil. He is a cancer we need to excise via impeachment.


Featured Image Via NBC News