‘Queen Of Bullsh*t’ Kellyanne Conway Says Anderson Cooper’s Eye Roll Was ‘Sexism’ (VIDEO)

If you haven’t heard enough complete nonsense from members of the Trump administration this week, senior aide Kellyanne Conway decided to go all Spinal Tap during an interview with the dunces at Fox and Friends and crank up the crazy to eleven on Thursday morning.

Commenting on the way CNN host Anderson Cooper rolled his eyes her when she appeared on his show to try and defend the firing of FBI Director James Comey, the always whiny Ms. Conway remarked:

“Let me tell you something. Hillary Clinton is in search of sexism as a lame excuse for why her disastrous candidacy and campaign lost six months ago.

“I face sexism a lot of times when I show up for interviews like that. Can you imagine rolling your eyes. Having a male anchor on a network roll eyes at Hillary Clinton, a female representative spokeswoman for President Obama or President Bill Clinton. I think no.”

How exactly is it sexist for Cooper to roll his eyes at someone as constantly full of crap as Kellyanne Conway? She was lying her ass of when she gave that interview, and Cooper responded. That’s sexism?

As a matter of fact, Conway’s lies have earned her a title from Bill Moyers: “The Queen of Bullshit.” As he wrote earlier this year:

“Like her boss, she often turns a question into a chance to make herself the victim.”

Yes! Exactly! Someone calls her out or draws attention to her “alternative facts” and suddenly she’s the aggrieved party in the confrontation. That’s not only bad debate technique, it also lets you know that the person knows he or she cannot possibly win the moment, so they resort to pretending they’re being attacked. Poor me! Don’t you feel sorry for me?

No, Kellyanne, we sure as hell don’t. We never have and we never will. In fact, we’d quite like it if you simply went away and never showed your face in public again.

Here’s Conway whining on Fox and Friends:

Featured Image Via CNN Screengrab