Trumpcare ‘Savior’ MacArthur Faces Hostile Town Hall (VIDEO)

There were plenty of signs before the town hall even began that it was going to be a rough night for New Jersey Congressman Tom MacArthur. There was an inflatable Trump chicken, people singing protest songs, and even a plane circling overhead trailing an anti-MacArthur message. The message was pretty clear: his constituents were not happy, and knowing people from New Jersey, you know they let him hear it.

The Republican was credited with saving President Donald Trump’s healthcare bill from another disastrous flameout in the House just last week, and that was just one topic he faced questions on during the marathon town hall meeting Wednesday night. But the attendees made sure that MacArthur heard about their displeasure about the so-called “MacArthur amendment.” A man with a heart condition spoke out:

“This is your amendment, sir… Because of that MacArthur amendment, you brought it back from the dead, with that amendment. It’s yours. You own it.”

For nearly five hours MacArthur faced a barrage of hostile questions, on topics ranging from the contentious Obamacare repeal, to concerns about the Russian investigation, and the firing of former FBI Director James Comey. Kimberly Stewart asked about the FBI investigation in particular:

“We seem to be having a pattern that most people that are investigating it seem to be getting fired. Do you support an independent group investigating Russia’s ties into the 2016 election?”

MacArthur responded no, and his answer was received with a loud chorus of boos. But perhaps the most poignant quote of the night came from constituent Ruth Gage:

“I must say, I have a great deal of admiration for your tolerance for masochism.”


To MacArthur’s credit, he stood and faced the music for hours, when many of his Republican colleagues are canceling their own town halls to escape criticism. Is he going to DO anything about those concerns? That remains to be seen.

Watch excerpts from the town hall here:

Featured image from YouTube video.