Good Luck Finding Someone Who Wants FBI Job, Says Ex-CIA Director (VIDEO)

Former CIA Director James Woolsey says it will be hard to find someone qualified willing to the job of FBI Director. In an interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, Woolsey said that the Russia investigation and President Donald Trump’s strong arm tactics will cause the smartest, most qualified candidates for the job to balk:

“I think it’s going to be very hard to find a good FBI director who is willing to operate under the circumstances that we’ve seen this week.”

Of chief concern to him is Trump’s habit of asking for members of the federal government to pledge “loyalty” to him, like he did of James Comey. Woolsey warned:

“As far as loyalty is concerned, we’re senior government officials — our loyalty ought to be to the Constitution. We’re not in medieval England, people aren’t trying to stage coups and so forth… I think a perfectly appropriate answer to the question ‘Are you loyal to me?’ is, ‘Certainly, as long as you are within the operating room that you were given by the Constitution, Mr. President…'”

So you can either try to hire a competent person who does the job well and grant them the independence they need, or hire a yes-man that would be disastrous for the bureau. Don’t give Donald Trump that choice, we know which one he will choose. News that Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn is on the short list to replace Comey gives us the answer to that. Even the American people think that Congress shouldn’t be given the power to investigate the Russian situation.

It is more important now that the Russian probe press forward, especially with the accusation that Trump told Russian classified information about ISIS. Hopefully acting Director Andrew McCabe can press forward with the investigation despite the storm swirling around him.

As for Woolsey’s warning, we can only hope that he is wrong.

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