Trump Kids Wanted To Play Grown Up – Got Caught In Daddy Donnie’s Scandals Instead (TWEETS/VIDEO)

The Trump-Russian scandal may involve more than just our president. In fact, committing acts of treason seems to be a family affair involving all but one of his adult children.


President Donald Trump is known for his hotels. Before he took office, he walked away from the construction of one in Baku Azerbaijan. His favorite daughter was also involved before he conveniently left it behind, claiming on her website that she had been overseeing the project since it’s inception.

Ivanka Trump proudly posted photos of her touring the construction site back in 2014, next to a pair of stiletto shoes from her line of course. She’s definitely daddy’s number one girl and never misses a chance to self-promote.

So what’s the big deal over this particular hotel? The deal was brokered with the family of a man notorious for money laundering, Ziya Mammadov. He’s the Transportation Minister of Azerbaijan and is financially linked to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.


One of Trump’s other grown kids, Eric Trump, may also have treasonous dirt on his hands.

For a long time, Donald tried to open a hotel in Dubai. Yet it was miraculously opened just two weeks after we raided Yemen. It certainly is odd timing, especially since people are speculating that Donald ordered the raid as a favor to the United Arab Emirates.

And that’s where you find Dubai. Eric personally helped with it, too.

He also once said:

“Well we don’t rely on american banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia.”

Donald Jr.

Our president has gone to great lengths to say that he has nothing to do with Russia. His eldest son, Donald Trump, Jr., hasn’t been so quiet.

In a tweet from 2008 that appears to have been deleted, little Donald made their Russian ties clear:

In fact, the only adult child who doesn’t appear to be caught up in this mess is Tiffany Trump. She has nothing to do with her father’s business.

Smart kid.

Watch this video about Trump’s possible treasonous ties.

Feature Image Source: Screenshot Via Twitter