REPORT: Comey Will Testify Trump Pressured Him To Call Off The Russiagate Investigation

Former FBI Director James Comey may testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee as soon as next week, and what he has to say could well be the beginning of the end for President Donald Trump.

An unnamed source has told CNN that Comey will publicly testify that the president did, on numerous occasions, pressure him to end the FBI investigation into alleged collusion between Trump, his surrogates, and Russian agents during the 2016 election.

Comey has been in contact with Special Counsel Robert Mueller to determine the details of his testimony so that no legal barriers are crossed by what the former head of the FBI has to say which might hinder Mueller’s investigation.

The CNN report also goes on to explain:

“When he testifies, Comey is unlikely to be willing to discuss in any detail the FBI’s investigation into the charges of possible collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign — the centerpiece of the probe, this source said. But he appears eager to discuss his tense interactions with Trump before his firing, which have now spurred allegations that the president may have tried to obstruct the investigation. If it happens, Comey’s public testimony promises to be a dramatic chapter in the months-long controversy, and it will likely bring even more intense scrutiny to an investigation that Trump has repeatedly denounced as a ‘witch hunt.'”

Since he was fired by Trump in April, several accounts have come to light of Trump demanding that Comey pledge his personal “loyalty” if he wanted to remain as head of the FBI. At another meeting, the president allegedly asked Comey to end his investigation into former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, whom Trump reportedly referred to as “a good guy.”

Did the three instances when Trump allegedly told Comey to end the investigation constitute obstruction of justice, an impeachable offense? Legal experts have differing views on the matter, but if Comey does indeed confirm that the president wanted the Russia probe halted, it could potentially lead to some Republicans calling for articles of impeachment.

The source also had this to say about Comey’s upcoming appearance before the Senate Intelligence Committee:

“The bottom line is he’s going to testify. He’s happy to testify, and he’s happy to cooperate.”