Paranoid POTUS Plans To Live-Tweet During James Comey’s Testimony (VIDEO)

Is Donald Trump worried about the public testimony former FBI Director James Comey will give to the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday? Apparently so, because we now have a report that the president will live-tweet during Comey’s appearance.

Robert Costa of the Washington Post just revealed Trump’s plans during an appearance on MSNBC. Costa began by commenting on the fact that the White House has decided not to set up a so-called “war room” to counter what comes out regarding Russiagate. Instead, Trump will do it all himself:

“I was just talking to some White House officials this morning and their view is that the president himself wants to be the messenger, his own warrior, his own lawyer, his own spokesman. Some outside people, some surrogates will be available.”

Thus we have the president going on Twitter as Comey testifies and adding his own take on the proceedings. As Costa noted:

“But the president is expected to be tweeting on Thursday in response to Comey, not to stay quiet during the testimony. Because he himself wants to be the one driving the process.”

Of course, there’s one giant problem with what Trump plans to do: The jeopardy the president could be placing himself in. He’s already looking at a possible charge of obstructing justice if Comey says Trump told him to end the Russia investigation. When Special Counsel Robert Mueller interviews Trump–under oath–if his answers don’t match the facts Mueller has gotten from others, you can then add a charge of perjury. Two impeachable charges that the president could also be prosecuted for.

The last thing Trump needs is to complicate matters for himself. If he’s innocent, as he maintains, he should let the case unfold and go about his business. The more he tries to short-circuit everything, the closer he gets to being removed from office. Does that mean he knows he’s guilty and now his biggest fear is being exposed? If so, he’s about to see one hell of a fireworks show.

Featured Image Via the BBC