WATCH A GOP Congressman Say Trump Asked Comey To End Russia Probe As A Way To ‘Get The Truth’

Before James Comey even begins his testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee later today, some Republicans are already rushing to the defense of President Trump, saying he’s done nothing wrong based merely on Comey’s opening statement, which was released Wednesday afternoon.

Ohio GOP Congressman Jim Jordan appeared on CNN’s New Day Thursday morning and declared that Trump wanted Comey to publicly state that Trump wasn’t currently under investigation by the FBI, as a way to “get the truth” out to the public.

Co-host Chris Cuomo pushed back on Jordan’s assertion, asking:

“What does that have to do with him asking for loyalty, asking to end the Flynn probe, and asking him if he wants his job?”


“Because he wants the American people to get the truth.”

Trying to follow Jordan’s bizarre logic, Cuomo then inquired:

“How do those statements speak to, ‘Get the truth? Drop the Flynn probe’ — that says, ‘Get the truth’ to you? How so?”

In response, Jordan went full batshit wacko, telling Cuomo:

“It’s funny, Chris, because even in that discussion in Mr. Comey’s testimony…Mr. Comey even says, ‘Mike Flynn’s a good guy. He had already fired Mr. Flynn! You don’t think he understood that Mr. Flynn had done something wrong? He fired the guy!”

To that, Cuomo could only comment:

“That’s a very interesting read.”

His voice squeaking, Jordan assured Cuomo:

“It’s not an interesting read, it’s an accurate read! It’s what’s in the testimony!”

Not exactly, Congressman Jordan. What the written testimony shows is that on three separate occasions, President Trump asked James Comey to end the investigation of Michael Flynn, which many legal experts agree is obstruction of justice. It seems more than a bit premature to declare Trump “vindicated” (to use the word the president’s attorney tossed out) before Comey’s even answered a single question.

And don’t forget, special counsel Robert Mueller is doing his own separate investigation. This entire matter is far from over with, no matter how desperately Congressman Jordan and his GOP cohorts try to spin the story.

Featured Image Via CNN Screengrab