Trump Jr. Tries To Blame Virginia Shooting On Production Of ‘Julius Caesar’ (TWEETS)

Following the shooting of House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and four others at a baseball field in Virginia Wednesday morning, President Trump tweeted out what for him was a very measured and even presidential message:

But the president’s son, Donald Trump, Jr. couldn’t resist trying to score some political points and sent out a tweet with links to a conservative commentator who blamed the shootings on a controversial production of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar which depicted the assassination of a figure who resembled President Trump:

One wonders where the outrage was from Donald Trump Jr. in 2012 when the Guthrie Theater staged the same play and had a black man who resembled President Obama in the lead.

Other Twitter users joined the conversation and took Junior to task for his ill-informed tweet:

Violence in any form for any reason is wrong. That’s the bottom line. But for a some to try and capitalize on a tragedy such as this shooting to advance their own agendas is beyond despicable. Donald Trump Jr. needs to STFU and pretend to pray for the victims. At least he can pull that off without having to annoy the rest of us.

Featured Image Via Fox News Screengrab