EPIC FAIL: Nation’s CEOs Give Trump A Big, Fat ‘F’ (VIDEO)

People who voted for President Donald Trump generally did it because they had faith in his business skills. He was the guy who was going to make America prosperous, economically strong, rich, winning… You get the idea.

A new poll conducted by CNN Money showed that the people who understand business the most are less than impressed with Trump’s performance so far.

At the annual Yale CEO summit, a whopping 50 percent of those polled rated Trump’s performance as a complete and total failure. They gave him an ‘F’ on his business dealings so far. Another 21 percent of the business and finance experts gave Trump a ‘D’ grade.

That’s a pretty stunning statistic. 71 percent of the top business minds in the country are horrified by Trump’s performance.

What exactly has them so shaken?

Jeffrey Sonnenfeld is the Yale professor who lead the summit. He summed up the concerns of the group this way:

“Stop the random 3 a.m. tweets and stop the needless brushfires diverting from the agenda.”

They’ve noticed that the man in charge is spending the majority of his time tweeting about Hillary Clinton, the press, and how unfair the world is to poor little him. They are aware of the fact that other than tweeting “Jobs, jobs, jobs!” the President isn’t actually getting anything done.

The business group is also upset with Trump’s stance on climate change, and they agree with many Fortune 500 CEOs who spoke out in protest when he pulled us out of the Paris Climate Accord.

They say that no business leader would want to be associated with a guy who ignores science and supports policies that create dirty air and dirty water.

And just to be clear, the people at the Yale Summit weren’t exactly a crowd of Bernie Bros. They included the CEOs of IBM, Blackstone, and Merck. Some of them are even on Trump’s own financial advisory council.

So what should we take from these survey results?

Well, if you have any money invested on Wall Street, you might want to think about selling. The CEOs are predicting that the Trump boom that has taken over the investment world is at its peak, and that it’s likely to head south in the near future. They’re worried about a serious economic crash.

This well known economist agrees with that prediction – watch it here:

Featured image by Carlos Delgado via Wikimedia Commons/CC-By-SA-3.0.

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