Ivanka Brutally Humiliated Her Father On Father’s Day (TWEETS/VIDEO)

She’s clearly the apple of his eye. The daughter he openly lusts after in interviews and visibly favors over his other children. And yet First Daughter Ivanka Trump couldn’t be bothered to include her own daddy in her Father’s Day tweet.

Daddy’s Girl

President Donald Trump has five children between three wives, which makes his large conservative Christian fan base all the more ironic. Over the years, he’s praised Ivanka for being such a valuable asset to the family business. And despite ongoing criticism from the media, she’s maintained loyalty to her father.

But not on Father’s Day.

In a tweet sent out on June 18, Ivanka thanked her husband for being a wonderful husband and father.

Perhaps her loyalty to him is only money deep.

Fragile Ego

Shortly before Ivanka sent out that tweet, her father took to Twitter yet again in the early hours of the morning. Perhaps he just wanted to kill time on the golden throne until he was briefed on his rally schedule.

As he’s done so often in the past, Trump patted himself on the back by saying:

After spending nearly ten minutes complaining about the Russia investigation and stroking his own ego, he assured everyone that his approval ratings were good by saying:

While he didn’t clarify who ‘O’ is, many assume he meant former President Barack Obama.

So Ivanka snubbed her father and he patted his own back. Not every First Family can be as classy as the Obama’s.

Watch this video to see how different the current First Family is compared to the Obama’s (after the jump).


Feature Image Source: Screenshot Via Twitter.