Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom Warns Bill Maher That President Pence Could Be Worse (VIDEO)

California’s Democratic Lt. Governor, Gavin Newsom appeared on Bill Maher this weekend with a warning. The message he wanted everyone to hear was that getting rid of President Trump and getting President Pence as a replacement, might not be the end of the problems for the Democratic party.

He stated:

“If you game this thing out and you get rid of Trump, you’re left with a problem and that’s Mike Pence”

There are many concerns and one is that Pence may be able to get horrible policies through. It is the choice between a man with no political experience and a huge ego as opposed to a career politician with clear right wing views and agenda. Trump is unpredictable. Who would be harder to beat next election?

Newsom seems concerned about Democrats campaigning negatively. He made it clear that he is worried about the Democrat party lacking a positive agenda and message and without that they will not get back on top. It is not enough to say: “we are not him.”  He sees Pence as a threat because he has more legislative experience than Trump.  Some even believe that Trump was just a way for the Republicans to get Pence into office.

One of the ways that Democrats see as a means of getting rid of Trump is through the Russia investigation.

Newsom calls this a “loser.”

He says:

“We have to have absolute accountability on Russia but the bigger point is that the Democratic Party right now — we’re in trouble.”

Expanding his point he said:

“What is the positive Democratic agenda?… You only have 116 supporting Medicare for all.”

There is a real blurriness and a divided feeling within the Democrat party right now as to what it actually stands for. Bernie supporters blame Hillary supporters and vice-versa for last year’s election outcome. Bernie supporters loved his platform and agenda, while Hillary supporters wanted familiarity and the status quo.

Both Bernie and Trump are anti-establishment characters – it was an election about change. Newsom is making it clear that the Democrats have to unite and stand for something positive, if they want to get back on top.

Whether it is Pence or Trump they face next election, Democrats need to be sending a positive message and have solid attractive policies to win. That is for sure.



Featured image via YouTube.