Why Was A Hispanic Man Marching With The KKK In Charlottesville? (VIDEO)

The horror of Charlottesville shocked the nation and the world. It was a revolting display of Nazism, anti-semetism, white supremacy, and a disgraceful attempt to intimidate people. That group of people have been shamed since, many have lost their jobs, and they have been basically shunned by all of society for their participation in this march. Well as more and more are recognized online and are feeling the consequences, strange stories are emerging.

Alex Michael Ramos was part of this group and has posted a video bragging about being part of it. The strange part is that he is actually of Puerto Rican descent, which makes him an unusual member of a group whose members pride themselves on racial superiority. In the video Ramos talks about his involvement, including assaulting a black teen:

“Yeah, I’m glad I stomped some ass out there, and I don’t give a f*ck. I’m happy about it. You hurt my people, I guess we hurt you back.” 

In the live video session Ramos was asked questions about his identity and involvement. He denies being racist and makes out he cannot be because he is “Spanish.” His comments were disturbing:

“I’m not even f*cking white, so how am I a superior race? I’m Spanish, listen: ‘Puerto Ricano.’”

His whole rant seems to be about saying the KKK and neo-Nazis did not start the trouble.

He claimed:

“I’m not F^%$ng racist”

Someone then said to Ramos that he most likely has black ancestors to which he replied:

“Okay, so are you trying to make me feel some kind of way because I have black ancestors, because we f*cking blended blood?”

Ramos made it clear that he was part Taíno, an indigenous ethnic group native to Puerto Rico before European migration. He said:

“We’re extinct f*cking native islanders!”

Another member of the public asked him:

“If you marched with racists, what does that make you?”

To which he replied:

“I don’t know, Human?”

It is hard to understand the ideology behind any of the people marching in Charlottesville recently, especially when you look at the horrors of our not so distant history. We need voices of unity. Racism, intolerance and violence only cause misery. We should all know this by now.




Featured image via YouTube.