Furious Trump Attacks Republicans In Friday Morning Tweets, Orders Them To ‘Hurry!’ On Tax Cuts

Having already angered Congressional Republicans earlier this week by making a deal with Democrats on the debt ceiling and almost $8 billion in relief for the those in Louisiana and Texas impacted by Hurricane Harvey, President Trump decided to further antagonize members of the GOP by attacking them via Twitter:

As if that wasn’t enough of a slap in the face, Trump then issued a direct order to members of his party to start on massive tax cuts for the richest Americans:

It’s unclear why tax cuts are so badly needed, unless it’s because Trump wants to see members of his family get a giant windfall for all the graft they’ve been engaged in since he took office. Perhaps they need the extra money to pay their mounting legal bills. One never knows when it comes to an entire family of con artists.

As Trump continues to take potshots at his fellow Republicans, his poll numbers are in free fall and the Russia investigation moves closer to both him and his children. And the only person to blame for the president’s troubles is Trump himself.

Featured Image Via YouTube