Domestic Terrorist Trumpkin Says He Will Kill Anyone Who Threatens ‘The White Race’ (VIDEO)

Perhaps you’ve heard of James Stachowiak. He’s well-known on the internet as a wannabe domestic terrorist, righting perceived wrongs that he sees in society. He’s the hate-filled jerk who urged “patriots” to shoot women and children if they were seen looting in Ferguson, Missouri.

Stachowiak sees himself as the so-called leader of the American “patriot movement,” and now he’s posted a video on Facebook and YouTube in which he threatens to kill all members of the Antifa movement that has stood up to neo-Nazis and other right-wing terror groups.

The video begins with Stachowiak pulling a red white and blue mask down over his face, even though we already know what he looks like. The reason for the mask? The dimwitted “patriot” explains:

“Since we the patriot movement don’t see color, I am now going to pull this mask over my face.”

Then this disgusting piece of white trash announces:

“The sheepdogs are watching you. 200 million weapons in this country possessed by ‘We the People,” 12 trillion rounds of ammunition and you people don’t even know which bathroom  to use?

“We grow stronger and more outraged every day. You want to destroy this country and the white race. We have news for you. The sheepdogs…have one mind. We love our country and we want it back.”

As if that’s not enough, Stachowiak issues specific threats, which should be enough to warrant him a visit from the FBI: The “patriots” plan to lure anti-fascist protesters into dark alleys and murder them:

“We know where you live, where you work, where you go to school. We are looking over your shoulder. The sheepdogs are always watching. We are patriots. We are the new Minutemen. We will defend the flock.

“We will come for you. There will be no rules of combat or as the military says rules of engagement. There will be nowhere for you to run, nowhere for you to hide…You will lie upon the earth until you are buried in it.”

James Stachowiak is one of those “fine people” Donald Trump loves to say exist on the alt-right fringe. Funny, but I always thought that anyone who advocates assassination and bloodshed should be labeled as a lowlife terrorist.

Here’s the video:

h/t Addicting Info

Featured Image Via YouTube Screengrab