Roy Moore Once Admitted He Was First Attracted To His Wife When She Was Just 15

To hear Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore tell it, the media and Democrats are trying to smear him so they can win the upcoming special election for the seat once held by Jeff Sessions. Moore and his wife, Kayla, insist that he’s a godly man who is under attack because of what he stands for.

However, when you consider that eight separate women have now said that Moore either molested or sexually assaulted them when they were teenagers, it does make you wonder if maybe this man is a sexual predator.

If you look back at Moore’s own words regarding how he first met his current wife, it soon becomes clear that this man is indeed fascinated with young girls.

Kyle Whitmire, a political columnist for Alabama Media Group, wrote a column Monday in which he recalled conversations he had with Moore as part of a book he wrote, and Whitmire notes that Moore told him he first met Kayla at a Christmas party when he was 37 and she was 23.  But Moore added that he had first seen and been interested in Kayla when he attended a dance recital “many years before” the two were introduced. Whitmire writes:

“It doesn’t matter how many other women come forward to say Moore solicited them too. But I urge those folks who still don’t believe to listen to the words. But not hers. Or hers. Or theirs. Listen to his.”

Yes, the best way to determine if indeed Moore is obsessed with young girls is indeed to consider what he’s said. To that, Whitmire adds:

“Take a second to think about what’s being said here. Moore first took notice of Kayla at a dance recital? Perhaps you’re wondering what ‘many years’ means, and I wondered that too. Luckily, Moore again has cleared that up for us.”

He most certainly did:

“There’s a little fuzziness, to be sure, in the timeline. There’s the ‘or something’ Moore fudges with in the interview. Eight years before could have been slightly too early to put Moore in Gadsden, he started work as a deputy district attorney there in 1977. So maybe she was 15, or maybe she was 16. But still, here is a grown man at about 30 years old attending a girls’ dance recital, and doing what exactly?”

Why did that same grown man, Roy Moore, also hang around the Gadsden Mall and harass young girls so much that he was eventually banned from the premises?

Whitmire ends his column with this warning to every voter in Alabama:

“Is it too much to believe that Roy Moore wasn’t praying for women then but preying on women? Is it too much to believe these women? If so, then you don’t have to. You just have to believe Roy Moore.”

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