Robert Mueller’s ‘Christmas Indictments’ Are On The Way

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has indicted or managed to get guilty pleas from four people connected to the Russia investigation so far, and it now looks like more indictments are on the way, just in time for Christmas.

Let’s go back for a second and revisit a well-known fact: Dozens of sealed indictments remain on the schedule at the federal courthouse in Washington. While we don’t yet know whose names might be on them, a tidbit of information from CNN suggests a possible suspect.

Remember Rick Gates? He’s the much less famous half of the Paul Manafort-Rick Gates business partnership which accepted millions of dollars from shady characters in Russia, including oligarchs, government officials, and possibly members of the Russian mafia. Now Gates is showing up on the radar screen yet again.

CNN reports:

“In a court appearance Monday in Manhattan, Gates’ attorney Walter Mack said that federal prosecutors have told him that more charges, called superseding indictments, may be coming.

“‘We don’t know what the government is going to do,’ Mack said in court, referring to both Gates’ case and a white-collar case in New York involving one of Gates’ business partners. ‘I mean, in both cases we’ve been told that there may be a superseder. We don’t know what’s happening.'”

Keep in mind that Gates and Manafort have already been indicted for 12 counts of money laundering and foreign lobbying violations. What other charges might be brought? Could it be treason? Or might Mueller plan to use the upcoming superseding indictments to name Donald J. Trump as a co-conspirator, putting one hell of a damper on Donnie’s holiday celebration?

It’s not the least bit unusual for prosecutors to add new charges to an existing indictment once new details become available or an investigation is completed. And in this instance, it could be that Mueller has more indictments that he plans to use in order to persuade Gates to cooperate in exchange for leniency.

Here’s the bottom line: More indictments are on the way, and even attorneys for those who are caught up in the Russia scandal know it’s likely to be a very dark Christmas for their clients.

Featured Image Via PBS