Hateful Trump Surrogate Advocates Ending Birthright Citizenship (VIDEO)

Turns out that some Republicans who support President Trump’s inflexible positions on immigration are even more extreme than he is and are even ready to end birthright citizenship.

On CNN Sunday morning, a debate on DACA quickly went off the rails when Trump surrogate Jack Kingston suggested the president needed to be tough in negotiations with Democrats on immigration:

“Issues related to immigration such as birthright citizenship, ending chain migration — or birthright citizenship — or requiring E-verify, those are all good bargaining tools.”

WTF did he say? He wants to end birthright citizenship even though it’s clearly guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution? Not even Trump has gone that far. Fellow panelist Maria Cardona called Kingston out for his extreme position, which led the completely clueless Kingston to double down:

“There’s a lot of areas in which you could negotiate. E-verify at the workplace, for example, which draws up the job magnet; birthright citizenship, which most countries have moved away from.”

Cardona hit Kingston with both barrels, telling him:

“That is un-American. Jack, you brought up something that the president hasn’t even brought up. So, I hope that you’re not becoming more anti-immigrant than the president. You brought up birthright citizenship. Oh, my goodness! That is a complete non-starter. And it’s not even something that the president has brought up.”

“This, to me, shows the American people just how extremist the Republicans are becoming. And that is a dangerous position to be in going into 2018.”

Here’s a suggestion: If Kingston and his fellow GOP extremists want to advocate that being born here no longer qualifies you to be a citizen, how about we start with them as test cases. Revoke their citizenship, put them on a boat, and send them back to where their families came from. Problem is, no other country would have these douchebags.



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