‘Says Who? Says The FBI, That’s Who’: Twitter Ruthlessly Trolls Michael Cohen After FBI Raid

On Monday, Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s long-time personal lawyer and the man who apparently paid porn actress and Trump’s alleged mistress Stormy Daniels $130,000 for no particular reason in 2016, had his office raided by the FBI.

The FBI is said to have seized some documents and records associated with Cohen’s payment to Daniels. The warrant was secured after Special Counsel Robert Mueller issued a referral.

As you might imagine, Twitter devoured this news like an ant pile on a cupcake.

Michael Avenatti, the attorney for Stormy Daniels also had his turn poking fun at Trump’s beleaguered personal counsel.

But Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera didn’t feel it was a laughing matter for the president, who he believes could be in real jeopardy.

It probably didn’t help that Trump threw Cohen under the bus last week when he told reporters that they’d have to ask the attorney about the $130,000 payment that had nothing to do with him.

It looks like Mr. Cohen might want to consider auditioning for American Idol because he’s probably going to be doing a lot of singing to Mueller anyway.

Featured image via YouTube.