‘Christian Identity’ Pastor Begs Trump To Rid Himself Of Jews (TWEET)

Yikes. In an open letter to President-elect Trump, the pastor of yet another racist hate group called for him to become one of the true chosen people and govern according to a bizarre form of right-wing Christianity. The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) identifies this self-declared church, Kinsman Redeemer, as a hate group.

Mark Downey is the pastor of this church. Downey’s letter is dated October 19, 2016, not quite three weeks before the election.

WTF Is ‘Christian Identity’?

These folks are nuts. As Dave Barry would say:

“I am not making this up.”

The Christian identity folks say that we who call ourselves Jews are not descended from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (let alone Sara, Rebecca, Rachel, and Leah, who go unmentioned). They are, this people who migrated through the Mediterranean from Scythia to their home in Scotland and Germany.

The promised land isn’t Israel. It’s the United States, the last refuge of the White Christian who has nowhere else to go.

What This RWNJ Asks Of Trump

He asks a lot. Trump should show that he is not a crypto-Jew by requiring his family to end their marriages to Jews. (He seems to think that more than one Trump child has a Jewish spouse). He thinks Trump may be divinely appointed to lead America:

“…Out of the mess we’re in.”

Trump should do this by returning the country to its roots as a Christian nation:

“We cannot afford Sharia law or Talmudic law or Admiralty law or any other inferior law that subverts God’s law.”

He goes on to say that God’s law doesn’t use incarceration, but restitution. Nonetheless:

“…If something cannot be restituted [sic], then the Bible prescribes capitol [sic] punishment.”

(Sorry, I was a compulsive over-editor in my former life. “Restitute” is not a verb, and it’s “capital” punishment.)

The pastor and his church are so brave that they don’t list either a phone number or a physical address where they hold worship services. His sermons are available online. Maybe they don’t have a church with services because they’re afraid.

The Good News

I’d bet that Trump will not take this seriously.

It’s not that I believe that his statement to the New York Times that he didn’t want to be identified with the anti-Semitism and racism of he alt-right.

Maybe he means it. I wouldn’t know. But this is a very, very long letter.

The recorded version is over an hour long. I’m sure he won’t have the patience to read it all the way through.

Watch this video for information about why white nationalists and neo-Nazis love Trump:

Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video.

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