Matt Drudge Has Deleted All But One Tweet (Again). Guess Who It’s About

I don’t know why Matt Drudge interests me. Perhaps because he (maybe or maybe not) allegedly dated sub-human and bestie Ann Coulter and survived, or (maybe or maybe not) allegedly once made a totally creepy pass at Alec Baldwin. To be fair, how can someone who has such poor taste in besties and possible love interests NOT be enigmatic and interesting? I forgive myself. I’m drawn to Matt Drudge in the same way I’m drawn to Maury; gimme the crazy!

Matt Drudge and his website, the infamous Drudge Report, grew to prominence in 1998 when he exposed (pun totally intended) the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky affair — he broke the story — and disclosed the unusual shape of former Pres. Bill Clinton’s manhood. Who gave him the scoop? None other than George T. Conway, hubby of bubble-headed Trump surrogate Kellyanne Conway.

Drudge — a high school graduate who never attended college and (bizarrely) the son of a Democrat who owns a fact-checking website (haha) — is a nutjob extraordinaire and seemingly strives to be as misleading as possible, effectively sucking in his low-information fan base. He has accused the U.S. government of hacking his website and lying about Hurricane Matthew, he age-shamed Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election, and — as a response to responsible gun ownership efforts — challenged Clinton and Pres. Obama to give up their Secret Service protection.

The fact is, I rarely think about Matt Drudge, and I’ve visited his trash website — which has earned him a reported $90 million and that gives me a lot of hope for my own trash website (ha) — a handful of times in my life. But he captures my attention when he tweets because he uses the opportunity to prove that he’s nothing but an attention whore, which I’m happy to say is an opinion shared by New York Magazine author Phillip Weiss, who says that Drudge “hides, but craves attention.”

Yes, Matt Drudge is an over-paid, over-glorified, painfully uneducated, petulant attention whore.

Why do I say this? Because for the last couple of years, when he tweets, he first deletes all of his tweet(s) to make himself look sooooo mysterious, then he tweets another (usually irrelevant) tweet and we all gasp and rush to write about it. The first time he did this was in 2014. I wrote about it then, naturally. It was a big f*cking deal back then because it’s the first time (I think) he deleted all of his tweets.

But here I am, once again writing about Matt Drudge’s propensity to try to attract attention to himself by deleting tweets and putting another one out into the universe. I guess his rather sad strategy DOES work!

Here’s Drudge’s latest tweet to his 520,000 followers, disrespecting former GOP superstar and new liberal hero (not really, but we appreciate his healthcare vote) Arizona Sen. John McCain. We’ve screengrabbed it, of course, because next time Drudge wants to draw attention to himself, he’ll delete it.

matt drudge twitter

So because John McCain declined the opportunity to take away healthcare from millions of Americans, he’s corrupt? OK Drudgie.

Drudge made news recently when he tweeted that “Republicans should be sued for fraud.” Oh, I agree. Their sins are grievous and numerous. But Drudge’s reason for wanting to sue the GOP is self-serving: he hasn’t gotten the tax cuts he was “promised.” He deleted that tweet, of course, but here it is.

In another one-tweet tantrum, Drudge seemingly defended Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren after Majority Leader Mitch McConnell basically told her to “sit down and shut the F up.” To be clear, Matt Drudge doesn’t care about Sen. Warren’s right to persist; it’s about his tax cuts. Predictably, he deleted the tweet (noticing a pattern here?), but here it is.

matt drudge twitter elizabeth warren

I’m not sure why Matt Drudge writhes in agony on Twitter. He has the ear of the most powerful (wince) man in the world: Pres. Donald Trump, though apparently he’s dissatisfied with the president and his administration. Below you can listen to a rare interview with Drudge on the Michael Savage show.

For now, though, everyone go look at Matt. He’s screaming for your attention.

Featured image via YouTube screengrab

Tiffany Willis Clark is a fifth-generation Texan and the founder and editor-in-chief of Liberal America and An unapologetic member of the Christian Left, she had a long and successful career actively working with at-risk youth, people struggling with poverty and unemployment, and disadvantaged and oppressed populations. She’s passionate about their struggles. In 2011, she made the decision to pursue her dreams and become a full-time writer. Connect with her on LinkedIn, follow her on Twitter, and like her Facebook page.