‘HAHAHAHAHA’ — Europeans Answer The Question: Would You Prefer U.S. Healthcare System

Some European people on Quora answered the question: “As a European, would you prefer the US healthcare system?” The short, resounding answer was no. Here are some of the more detailed answers.

Mark Harrison said:

“Less coverage: US system”

“Higher costs for private medical care: US system”

“Lower life expectancy: US system”

“Whichever way I look at it, it seems that my country’s system is better. One of the most bizarre thing in the whole debate is that virtually no-one mentions how much Medicare + Medicaid cost – and that the US government spends more on care per citizen than the UK government does (despite the fact that the NHS is meant to make that money go round ALL citizens.)”

“So, add to the earlier list:”

“Higher taxes: US system”

Conclusion: I’ll stick with the UK system.”

Graeme Shimmin said:

“Oh my god, you must be kidding me.”

“You do realise that people in the UK get better healthcare than people in the USA do and they get it for free* right?”

James Swingland said:


“No. I would be either broke or dead.”

When asked what they don’t understand about the U.S. healthcare system, some Europeans said:

Claire Jordan said:

“Why the US is willing to spend more than twice as much as the UK does on a poorer service, and then claims that it can’t afford the sort of service we have in the UK. Why US right-wingers who mostly claim to be Christians are willing to pay more than double for the privilege of spitting in Christ’s teachings and denying healthcare to the poor.”

Sandrine Chouard said:

“Why Americans are not more suspicious about the fact that ALL other civilized countries have some variation of single payer systems where everyone is covered for a fraction of the cost in the US (average European healthcare expenses range between 9 to 11% of GDP vs 18% of GDP in the US). Don’t they realize they are being lied to? American exceptionalism indeed …”

“Why don’t some Americans want “government” to be involved in healthcare but see no problem with insurers providers deciding their fate (even employing people whose sole purpose is to deny them care) and doctors devoting resources and/or staff to dealing with insurers.”

The bottom line is the rest of the developed world has single-payer healthcare. Europeans can’t seem to understand why we stick with such an awful system.

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