Is Pres. Obama A Time Traveler? This Photo Raises Questions.

I love vintage stuff. I also love time travel novels and movies. Are the two somehow intertwined? Maybe. But when I can write about those things, it’s really awesome. When I can write about those things and throw in the twist of politics, that’s the coolest thing ever. So imagine my delight when I stumbled across an eerie photograph when I was perusing a few vintage photo collections on the web Sunday night.

I’m not the first person to question whether or not Pres. Obama is a time traveler. Many?others?have?suggested?it, too. Two credible witnesses — like….scientists — even came forward claiming that he time traveled to Mars. But their “proof” wasn’t as compelling as mine, now was it? And the?White House denial?of the?time travel allegations?was…plausible. I guess. Until we found this photo.

1-26-2014 9-37-12 PM

I found the full photo on a?nameless Flickr account. Actually, it’s not exactly a nameless account. It belongs to a gentleman named Jean-Francois (Flickr username is JFK63). Hmmm…

1-27-2014 12-07-04 AM

A Google Images search nets three pages of links to sites and articles where the same image can be found. You can see them here and here and here and here and here. Also here.?The only clue that I could find anywhere was the date 1949 on this?Tumblr?account and it’s corresponding?Pinterest?account. It’s interesting that there are comments discussing the dark shadow in the photo and other things, but no one else thinks this man looks like our president? Just me and one random guy??Only in one place does a forum participant see the resemblance.?

?They sites and articles where the image appears fall into two camps: 1) men who were comfortable expressing affection before the days of homophobia (like here), and 2) sites of vintage photos of gay couples. The sexuality of the men in the photo scarcely matters, however. Nor does the fact that the man in the photo is considerably lighter skinned (maybe even fully?Caucasian) than the president. Those things aren’t relevant. This is what is: is?this man or is this man NOT our president?

No, I’m not a nut (OK maybe I am, but not THAT kind of nut). I just find the photo compelling. Time travel or genetics — it’s fascinating and I’d bet a paycheck that this man from the past, whoever he is, is closely related to our president. I can’t believe World Nut Daily et al haven’t discovered this photo and pounced on it. I scooped it!

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