Justice Scalia Compares Election Spending To Women Purchasing Cosmetics

After demonstrating a brief bout of sanity, Justice Scalia was back at his mind-boggling statements and partisan ways. It’s frustrating to know that Supreme Court Justices are contributing to the trend of the American Republic being referred to as an oligarchy. And nothing says our Supreme Court takes the special-interest hijacking of our government less seriously than a dismissive comment comparing election spending to women purchasing cosmetics.

The Scalia Election Spending Quote

Scalia made the comment on a Swiss broadcasting network according to an AP report. The statement came as part of the same, now infamous, 30-minute interview in which the supreme court justice defends torture under the right circumstances. Specifically, after being presented with a question about election spending, Justice Scalia replied:

?Women may pay more each year to buy cosmetics.?

Fact checking the statement is difficult, and it may very well be true,?especially if we include cosmetic surgeries. Either way, the response is grossly out-of-proportion with the scale of the problems wreaked upon most Americans by our campaign finance system. Besides, it seems likely that those who are spending so much on cosmetics are the same ultra-wealthy individuals benefiting the most from a rigged system perpetuated by big-money politics and election spending.

Money And The Supreme Court

Unfortunately, reports of the mingling of money, politics, and the U.S. Supreme Court are nothing new. Justice Scalia’s statement does nothing to ease minds about those disturbing reports. And it’s clear that the oligarchy talk will not end unless the words and actions of our leaders demonstrate we are heading in another direction.

Can the flawed election system itself be the catalyst for change? Do Americans have it within us to elect leaders who are willing to take the hard road to mend the Republic?

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