Church Of Koch Business Solutions Unveiled In Epic Economic Experiment

What if our country was rigidly ruled by the cult of Koch, a church that worships their almighty god, the dollar? ?Never will happen? is what many people think, but Kansas has been the alpha test site for their Frankenstein experiment for nearly five years.?The Koch business solutions are wicked sly and ease themselves into states, one-by-one.

Koch Business Solutions. Courtesy of donkeyhote:
Koch Business Solutions. Courtesy of donkeyhote:

Things went well for the Church of Koch until it tried to leap over Kansas’ current balanced budget hurdle. It seems the church and its minions have sucked so much money out of Kansas? coffers, the experiment has begun to spiral out of control.

Kansas finds itself in a pickle. The miserable experiment left Kansas with a $471 million hole in its budget that needed to be filled ? as all states must each year. And that due date hurtled toward our state congress and crashed Saturday at midnight with all the force of a meteor.

Congress didn’t want to raise taxes, but that meant Kansas couldn’t balance its budget. And it has to balance its budget.

The draconian economic experiment in Kansas is being led by high priest, Gov. Sam Brownback (R). The Koch congregation has worn a thin mask of conservative religious beliefs. But that mask slipped and shows us the ugly face that lurks beneath – economic profits above all else!

The state wrote a law that says 330,000 business owners and farmers pay no income taxes on profits starting in 2012. Oh and by the way, the humongous Koch conglomerate just happens to qualify.? And here I thought pigs couldn’t fly!

The church of Koch paid for Brownback. And then the church bought an ultra-conservative Kansas congress by targeting, eliminating, and replacing all mainstream Republicans. The strategy has been to use conservative beliefs to disguise their ulterior motive ? a country run of business, by business, and for business.

People believe that Kansas is so red it hurts a person’s eyes. That isn’t exactly true. The majority of Kansas is Republican, and many hold conservative religious beliefs. However, we are a pragmatic bunch formerly led by pragmatic Republicans.

Unfortunately, the ultra-conservatives won, because they espoused conservative religious beliefs ? bought and paid for by the Church Of Koch. But ruling hasn’t?always been an easy task. The brother’s Koch came to the rescue of a floundering U.S. senator, Pat Roberts (R) who doesn’t even live here anymore. Of course, the old guy does have a barkalounger somewhere near Dodge City.

Brownback would have lost to a Democrat if the Kochs hadn’t rolled out the red carpet and Sarah Palin, among other celebrities.

However, when this year’s budget came due, the church of Koch Business Solutions hit the wall hard. The details of this story are fascinating. Stay tuned.