Bill Maher Rips GOP Candidates And Obama Haters For Saying ‘Restore America’ Back To Bush Era

gop candidates
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In this awesome video, Bill Maher serves Obama-haters and GOP presidential candidates some cold hard truth that they can’t seem to handle.

Maher points out that all of the presidential candidates are campaigning on returning America to a Pre-Obama era.

Donald Trump says, “Lets Make America Great Again.” And the other GOP candidates spout similar messages. Jeb Bush went so far as to say that we are worse off now than when his brother was the president!

For the GOP, it’s all about rolling back the clock, not moving forward. The republicans must be wearing something a lot stronger than “Rose Colored Glasses”, they must have LSD laced contacts!

So, Maher points out the absolute absurdity of erasing the progress made under the Obama administration. I’m sure the conservative trolls will be out in force to rebuke Maher for pissing mean-spirited facts on their hate Obama campfire, where they roast marshmallows and tell ghost stories about Obamacare.

Here’s the video.