Donald Trump Thanks God It’s Friday…On Thursday (VIDEO, TWEETS)

Donald Trump spoke in Kissimmee, Florida on Thursday, just a few days after Hillary Clinton spoke in the same city. Clinton’s speech was about practical solutions to the issues our country is facing. Meanwhile, Trump decided, as always, to make stuff up.

In this rally, he continues to refer to President Obama as the founder of ISIS. This time, he makes it clear that he means it in a literal sense. In the speech, he explains his earlier comments, saying that if the United States had never gone into Iraq, ISIS would have never happened. He also made it out to seem like he had a direct line to the president and they should have taken his advice, saying:

“We should have never been in Iraq. We were gonna destabilize the Middle East. I said it. I was a civilian. Nobody cared.”

Is he forgetting that President Obama wasn’t actually the president during the start of the war in Iraq? And that the war was started by President Bush? He conveniently left out that detail.

Trump goes on to say that because President Obama took our troops out of Iraq, this clearly means he founded ISIS. You’d give yourself a headache trying to follow this logic.

In a gross display of racism that is unfortunately nothing new for Trump’s campaign, he suggested that ISIS was already in America and had taken over France and Germany, saying:

“When we allow that many people from that region to come into our country, they’re probably spreading into our country.”

Donald Trump doesn’t care about providing accurate information. He’s already shown that he can say literally anything and his fanbase will still be fanatically devoted to him. All Donald Trump cares about is saying things that will get him a big crowd reaction, regardless of whether or not they are true.

In a kind of hilarious note, for the entire night Trump seemed convinced that it was Friday, even though he was speaking on Thursday.
Featured image from YouTube video.