AMAZING Arabic Billboard Is Scaring The Sh*t Out Of Donald Trump (TWEET)

Forgive me if I find this hilarious. There are billboards everywhere. Most are trying to sell us something. Some are informational. Some, like this one, are just plain hilarious.

People driving in Michigan get to see this amazing masterpiece as they drive into the city of Dearborn via I-94, a main thoroughfare accessing the entire Metro Detroit area. Dearborn has a high concentration of Arab Americans, Michigan is a swing state, and approximately 331,539 people drive that stretch of road in any given week. Perfect placement if you ask me.

The billboard itself is brilliant. A plain solid black background, with white lettering proclaiming:

“Donald Trump: He can’t read this, but he is afraid of it.”

Nothing fancy. Nothing threatening… well, unless you happen to think that the fact that it is written in Arabic script is threatening. I’m pretty sure The Donald would. Arabic is written and read right-to-left, and there is no real translation for names. Perhaps that bit of English makes it that much more intriguing?

The billboard is the brain-child of Cards Against Humanity founder Max Temkin, who created the Nuisance Committee super PAC and opened a fundraising website to collect campaign donations. The site, which also contains the CAH catalog, is using a survey to determine which expansion pack to add to their catalog – Trump or Clinton.

Voting for the Clinton pack will result in a deck based on the following snippet:

“The Vote For Hillary Pack contains 15 cards about Hillary Clinton, who has served our country as Secretary of State, Senator of New York, and First Lady of the United States.”

Voting for the Trump pack promises:

“The Vote for Trump Pack contains 15 cards about Donald Trump, an enormous man who wears three suits at once.”

It isn’t really difficult to see how this deck is stacked. The proceeds from this fundraising website have already been promised to a specific destination:

“At the end of this promotion, Cards Against Humanity will tally up the sales of both packs, and depending on which pack gets more support, we will donate all the money in support of Hillary Clinton.”

Right now the voting is pretty close. No matter which deck you select, the proceeds go to the Clinton campaign, so vote for the deck that you think would be the most fun.

The billboard points people to a one-page website that contains information about Trump’s immigration policy and what he has in store for Muslims in America should we be unfortunate enough to see him elected to the presidency. The website opens with a quote from Trump, who was reading a written statement about himself:

“Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.”

The rest of the page chronicles Trump’s ever-changing position on immigration.

Me? I’m trying to figure out what errands I need to run that will route me by that billboard every day, because I just can’t stop laughing about it and it’s only about five minutes from my house.


Featured image from Twitter.