Bill Maher Once Referred To Kellyanne Conway As ‘Like An Uncle Who Molested Me’ (VIDEO)

Bill Maher has made no secret of the disdain he has towards President Donald Trump. They have a history. Trump sued Maher and was laughed out of court. Maher has not waivered since Trump “won” the election. He doesn’t scare easily and he has thick enough skin to take any opposition. One need only look at his guests on “Real Time with Bill Maher” to understand his open door policy to polar opposite views. Kellyanne Conway is the polar opposite of Maher.

The relationship between Maher and Conway was best described by Claire Williams of NICKI SWIFT:

As we mentioned previously, Conway has long been a familiar face on political and news programs as a panelist. It might surprise you to learn that during the ’90s, Conway frequently appeared on the Comedy Central talk show Politically Incorrect, hosted by comedian—and staunch Democrat—Bill Maher. While the two still appear to be friendly on the surface, the truth is a bit more complicated. Conway left Politically Incorrect after she reportedly got tired of Maher’s critical comments about Catholicism. But when The New Yorker asked Maher about it, he couldn’t recall the disagreement. ‘I’ve blocked it out, like an uncle who molested me,’ he claimed. He went on to say that Conway and the rest of Trump’s team deserve ‘a Nobel Prize in hypocrisy.’”

Of course, anyone who knows anything about Bill Maher would not be shocked to learn about his negative views on Catholicism. You should also know that Maher does not just criticize Catholicism. He is very vocal about his disdain for religion in general.

Ryan Lizza at The New Yorker elaborated on Maher’s reaction to Conway’s reason for leaving “Politically Correct:”

“Maher, who despises Trump, said that he didn’t remember any disagreement with Conway—‘I’ve blocked it out, like an uncle who molested me’—but he was incredulous at her description of Trump’s response to the Pope. ‘Wow,’ he said. ‘That so epitomizes the whole campaign. Everything Donald Trump does is marked on a curve.’ He went on, ‘Because Donald Trump is normally a giant asshole who punches down, the one time that he does it up to the Pope then we say it’s O.K. If there’s a Nobel Prize in hypocrisy, those people have got to win it this year.’”

This is not the first time, nor the last, that Maher has sparked a reaction over his beliefs on religion. He recently found himself in a verbal sparring match with Ben Affleck over comments Maher made about the Muslim religion. Maher has made it very clear that he believes that much of the human acts of violence against another human can be traced back to religion.

No matter what your personal beliefs, it can be deduced that Maher does not really care who disagrees with his views, and even openly invites those views to appear on his show. Maher does not stew in past disagreements. He blocks it out. He’ll be on television next week with the same views he had the week before.

Watch Bill Maher’s last interaction with Kellyanne Conway in the video below:

Featured Image: Screen Shot Via You Tube

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