‘To All The Little Girls’ — Watch This Young Lady Sing Hillary’s Concession Speech (VIDEO)

When Isolde Fair’s music teacher asked her to write a song based on parts of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential election concession speech, it’s likely that the teacher — and certainly most of us — were unprepared for the haunting song that resulted.

A 13-year-old at Sol La Music Academy in Santa Monica, added some of her own words to the song, stating that she was inspired by Hillary’s speech.

“Never change about who you are, invincible and confident, leading to a deeper plan, possibilities coming true.”

Isolde has been writing and performing music for most of her life, and has studied electric bass and violin for eight years. Her mother says that she began playing piano when she was a baby.

As stated by Mark Greene of The Good Men Project:

“While American women remain divided across race and class, across religion and political parties, this young women’s song reminds us that Hillary Clinton’s legacy will resonate far beyond the petty gotcha politics which marked the 2016 campaign.”

As if this rendition needed anything more beautiful added to it, the orchestra of young girls playing string instruments makes it even more poignant.

The video caught Hillary’s attention and she tweeted this:

Listen below. But allow yourself time afterwards to lean into the pain and reflect on the contributions of Hillary Clinton and so many other strong American women. If you can watch this more than once without tearing up, you’re a stronger woman than me. Or maybe not. Maybe our strength is in our ability to feel.

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