Kim Davis Is Getting Another Shot At Playing The Victim – Calling Mike Huckabee! Mike? You There Bro? (VIDEO)

Kim Davis has been in the spotlight for years now. She is famous of course for being a Christian ‘martyr’ who put her religious beliefs above the law. She took it upon herself to deny gay couples marriage licenses and one of those couples is once again suing her for doing so.

Davis is back in the headlines because gay couple, Ermold and Moore, have won their appeal to sue her for damages caused by her denial to approve a marriage licence. Their attorney Michael Gartland has said this of the case:

“We’re going to get damages, I’m sure of that. There’s been no discovery yet. I can’t imagine it’s a huge amount of damages, but there are damages.”

While Davis and others would obviously like to live in a country with no separation of church and state, guess what? that is not how this place works – and for good reason! All we have to do is put ourselves in the shoes of others to understand.

How would Kim Davis like a religion that discriminates against her being accepted as above the law or even by Mick Huckabee (who has supported her right to discriminate against gay people in this way)?

This Twitter account is happy about the latest developments:

Now Davis is allowed to believe whatever she likes, however a huge problem arose here because she was in a special position of power. By refusing to do her job – and that was to issue marriage licences, she not only cruelly discriminated against gay couples, she was also breaking the law.

The controversy surrounding her is an interesting one. She believes God disapproves of gay marriage and thinks that entitles her to break the law. Well let’s extend that thinking, imagine if religious ‘belief’ could override all laws – what would society then become?

That’s right; it would make us a theocracy and that is just not America – thank goodness!

Watch this report on Davis:

Watch Mick Huckabee defend Davis at the Republican debates:

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