GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Assaults Cameraman For The Crime Filming Him (TWEETS/VIDEO)

A Republican senator recently displayed his violent side, which should come as no surprise since he idolizes our president.

Tracking Republicans

Scott Wagner (R-Pa.) is a senator and gubernational candidate. A Republican watchdog group recently filmed him speaking and left after being physically assaulted.

The person who assaulted the cameraman was none other than Wagner himself.

The American Bridge Political Action Committee had no problems getting past security at Wagner’s country club last week. Their cameraman was filming the Republican candidate for quite a while before Wagner spotted him.

Not hiding his disdain for being recorded, Wagner looked at the camera and asked the crowd:

“Is this guy one of your guys, or is he a tracker?”

It wasn’t long before the cameraman said he was with the American Bridge Political Action Committee.

Bloody Mess

Over the course of the next several minutes, Wagner threatened to confiscate the camera. He asked how the guy even got in and told the cameraman to leave.

Wagner isn’t just your run of the mill Republican who doesn’t want to be held accountable, either. Despite the growing bipartisan disgust of President Donald Trump, he actually said:

“Donald Trump is a visionary and he’s a leader. He cares deeply about this country, and I care deeply about this country.”

In true Trumper style, Wagner then confiscates the camera and assaults the man in the process. The whole ordeal ended in the club’s management office and we’re even shown his bleeding hand.

The Communications Director for the American Bridge Political Action Committee, Lizzie Price, told the Philly Inq.:

“Scott Wagner’s actions today show how unhinged he truly is. If he can’t handle the pressure of the campaign, what makes him think he can handle leading the state?”

If you’re going to be in public office, Mr. Wagner, the public has a right to film your speeches. Especially if it’s at some yuppie country club full of Trumpers.

Watch the video to see the attack.

Feature Image Source: Screenshot Via Twitter