Trump Is The Most Mocked Man In America – Perhaps In The World (VIDEO)

While our president is screaming ‘fake news,’ the entire world is laughing at him. Rebecca Solnit shows us why President Donald Trump grew up to be such a laughing stock.


Solnit is a writer and historian based out of San Francisco, California. In a recent essay on LitHub called The Loneliness Of Donald Trump, she explains how President Donald Trump came to be the person he is today.

Simply put, he grew up privileged and without restrictions. That doesn’t make for a good president.

The powerful essay reads like a classic fable. Solnit starts off with his childhood, where everything was handed to him on a silver platter. This prevented him from developing self-awareness, because he doesn’t care how his actions will affect other people.

Apparently that stint in military school was pointless.

Since he was born into money and always got what he wanted, he’s completely oblivious to the world around him. He didn’t even have to prove himself to a bank in order to get a business loan.

Not only did his father loan him a million dollars, records show that he received millions more from him over the years.

As a result, he continues to believe that everything should be handed to him.

Solnit compares this type of behavior to wealthy kids she met in college who lacked discipline:

“They floated like astronauts in space.”


Just as those kids floated in space, Trump floated his way into the White House by intimidating people and being a salesman to his followers. They wanted an outsider, he claimed to be an outsider. They wanted someone who’s good with money, he claimed to be good with money. Conservatives wanted someone with family values, he claimed to have family values.

Except the facts tell a different story.

Trump cozies up to anyone with money, as proven by his connections to Russian oligarchs; he’s had multiple lawsuits and has screwed people out of money; and his own words prove he’s not a Christian conservative:

“You can grab them by the p***y.”

So how did he win? As another writer said, he’s a dumb person’s idea of a smart person. They don’t see that he’s only using them to butter up his own ego. They bought his cheap gimmicks.

Laughing Stock

Because of how he’s spent the past 70 years, tooting his own horn with money and a reality television show, Trump actually thought people would respect him once he got into office. He believed that everyone would admire him because that’s how he’s lived his life.

And yet the opposite is happening.

Nearly half a million women marched at the Women’s March on Washington, just one day after he took office. Even after a Trump adviser said the president wouldn’t be questioned, people continue to question him.

That’s because we live in a democracy, not a dictatorship.

And of course there’s Twitter, where members of the #TheResistance hold him accountable for every early morning or late night tweet when there’s nobody babysitting him. Covfefe, anyone?

Solnit predicts how this will all end:

“One way or another, he knows he has stepped off a cliff, pronounced himself king of the air, and is in free fall. Another dungheap awaits his landing; the dung is all his; when he plunges into it he will be, at last, a self-made man.”

Watch this video to learn more about why Trump is the most mocked person in America.

H/T: Lit Hub

Feature Image Source: Screenshot Via Twitter.