Trump Was With The Russian President For Over Two Hours – Let That Sink In (VIDEO)

What better way to prove his campaign never colluded with Russia than by spending a full two hours with their president, especially when they were given thirty minutes to meet. Ladies and gentleman, that Russian smoke just got thicker.


They go together like peanut butter and jelly. President Donald Trump and the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin. Both attended the recent G20 Summit and even got to meet each other.

Although it’s not as though they’re strangers.

The duo were allotted a full half hour to meet and discuss who knows what, yet somehow it ran into overtime. They didn’t part ways until 2 hours and 16 minutes later.

First Lady Melania Trump was sent in when reporters began to wonder what was going on. Apparently they ignored her, which should come as no surprise given his view towards women in general.

According to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson:

“Several times I had to remind the president, people were sticking their heads in the door. They even sent in the first lady at one point to see if she could get us out of there, and that didn’t work either…We went another hour after she came in to see us, so clearly she failed.”


The Trump Administration isn’t known for being open with the press. As people around the world, especially us members of #TheResistance, keep hoping to hear that Trump will be impeached for treason, it’s doubtful anything will come from this meeting.

Putin and Trump met with only a few other people in the room, none of whom have any reason to be bipartisan. In addition to Tillerson, there was Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and two other interpreters.

In other words, we’ll probably never know what was discussed. Although it was a long meeting for a man who was also caught daydreaming at the summit.

Watch this video to learn more about their unusually long meeting:

Feature Image Source: Screenshot Via Twitter.