Ivanka Tweeted About The Eclipse And Instantly Regretted It (TWEETS)

Last week as we all know, it was the first total eclipse to be seen across the United States for many years. It was a big occasion and some people even travelled for miles to see the event. Trying to join in with the festivities was none other than President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka. A couple of days before the eclipse Ivanka Trump tweeted out this:

The President’s daughter received many replies that pointed to Trump’s hesitance in condemning white supremacy immediately after the Charlottesville horror. In additon to this Ilana Glazer posted this reply:

The reply has been liked over 1400 times and of course refers to Trump’s blatant ignorance of climate change science, which is reflected in his departure from the Paris Accord climate agreement, as well as his warm embrace of the coal industry.

Jay Pemberton and Mark C.Eades commented on Ivanka’s frequent vacationing and came back with these comments:


Then on the day of the spectacle, Ivanka carried on and tweeted many more messages about viewing the eclipse. Next came this:


A brilliant reply bounced back immediately:

Another poignant reply was this one:

These people on Twitter who reply to the Trumps on social media are telling them about their deep unhappiness with this administration. President Trump has shown he has little regard for climate science. He has divided the nation in many ways and the people are angry.

While Ivanka is considered a ‘moderate’ influencer on the president, she is also seen as someone who is complicit with his policy direction. Many Americans have real problems making ends meet, they can’t afford healthcare, and some people like those in Flint do not even have clean water.

The Trump administration aims at decreasing those covered by healthcare. Trump is moving away from climate science. We all know where his priorities lie. When Ivanka attempts to tweet about an ‘apolitical’ seeming subject such as the eclipse, it is not surprising that she is then inundated with messages for her father. America has a lot of problems right now and people are fed up.


Featured image via Twitter.