Enjoy This Eerie Video Of Melania Trump Creepily Watching Ballerinas Dance

On the morning of November 27th, First Lady Melania Trump — or more likely, a surrogate — tweeted the following:

To be fair, it’s a nice video. And to be fair…the White House Christmas decorations are lovely, though they absolutely lack much of the warmth of BestFLOTUSofAllTime Michelle Obama’s White House Christmas decorations. That said, isn’t the entire Trump Show just hella creepy, y’all? Watch this video of Melania accidentally (I think) walking in on some ballerinas dancing.


Predictably, Melania’s demeanor is inappropriate for the occasion and just plain weird. She looks awkward, confused, and unimpressed, as noted by many Twitter users.

What is wrong with this woman??? For about 30 seconds last year, I felt bad for Melania Trump. Then she threatened to sue me, and THEN she admitted in court documents that she intended to whore out the role of First Lady. So, meh. I have as little respect for her as I do her husband and she is proving to be just as ignorant about how to conduct herself.

This New Yorker headline nails it: “With the White House Christmas, the Image of Melania Trump Transforms from Fairy-Tale Prisoner to Wicked Queen.”

And this quote:

“Watching Melania noiselessly observe her jewelry-box ballerinas, or stride through that godless bristling hall, it is easy to imagine the White House as a site of menacing enchantment—a place that transforms to suit the rulers who pass through it, a place where hearts grow colder and stonier, where snow appears on the gleaming floors overnight at the behest of the silent woman in her white dress.”



Featured image video screengrab via Twitter/JudyKurtz

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