Video Surfaces Of Mad King Trump Pretending To Conduct Band During National Anthem

A shocking video has surfaced showing Pres. Donald Trump clowning while the National Anthem was being sung in Sunday’s Super Bowl. According to the Miami Herald, the video was posted on Instagram by a real estate agent for a Russian-American firm who frequents Trump events and properties, including Mar-a-Lago.

The president was at a Super Bowl party and while everyone around him stood at attention, Trump was goofing around, adjusting his chair, fidgeting, and even pretending to conduct an imaginary orchestra. On top of all that, he had the nerve to sit down. All of this while our beloved National Anthem was being played.


It should also be noted that Melania Trump had her left hand over her heart, not her right hand. Meh. An honest mistake. I don’t care. However, we all know what the reaction would be had Michelle Obama done that. Conspiracy theories would have blown up the internet.

Many people (read: me) are shocked that Trump would so blatantly disrespect our flag and our National Anthem after he’s taken such a strong stance against NFL players for kneeling while the song is played at football games.

Check out this string of tweets from this hypocritical butt-clown.

Twitter Reaction to Trump Disrespecting the National Anthem

Twitter had plenty to say. Well, I should say that liberal Twitter had plenty to say. Conservative Twitter was strangely silent.

Liberals (and people with ADHD) Are Better Than This

As a liberal, I taught my children to stand with their hands on their hearts when the National Anthem is played. I also fully respect anyone else’s right to remain seated or to kneel. What I don’t appreciate is Donald Trump’s blatant lack of respect for our country. However, you can be sure that his supporters won’t hold him accountable, not even for this.

Also, I need to point something out here. Many people are suggesting that Trump’s ADHD (if he has it) is causing him to behave this way. Or they’re blaming it on the Adderall he allegedly takes. Wrong. Idiocy and stupidity are not symptoms of ADHD. Neither is assholery. Don’t stigmatize people with this condition (I’m one of them) to explain his behavior.

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